Spring 2023:
January 30 - Paul Landau, University of Maryland at College Park, “Black Communists and the Revolution: South Africa, 1960”
March 6 - Amna Qayyum, Yale University, Jackson School Kissinger Visiting Scholar, “Islamic Modernism and the Ethics of Birth Control in Pakistan”
April 3 - Amy Offner, University of Pennsylvania, “Knowledge Without a Nation, Concepts Without a Discipline: Albert O. Hirschman and the Irony of Cold War Development Assistance”
Fall 2022:
October 3 - Jane Burbank and Frederick Cooper, New York University , “Post-Imperial Possibilities:
Eurasia, Eurafrica, Afroasia”
November 14 - Christy Thornton, Johns Hopkins University, “To Reckon with the Riot: Social Protest and Global Economic Governance”
December 5 - Philip Stern, Duke University, “The Wild Chimera of a Visionary Brain: Corporations, Legal Geography, and the Making of the “British” Empire”

Spring 2021:

February 15 - Lisa Ford, University of New South Wales, The King’s Peace: Law and Order in the British Empire

March 1 - Sujit Sivaundaram, University of Cambrige, Waves Across the South: A New HIstory of Revolution and Empire

March 29 - Natasha Wheatley, Princeton University, “Making a World of States”

April 12, Edward Keene, University of Oxford “What is the International System?”

Fall 2020:
October 1 - Sara Abrevaya Stein, University of California Los Angees, “Botánica Sephardica”
October 22 - Duncan Bell, University of Cambridge, Dreamworlds of Race: Empir and the Utopian Destiny of Anglo-America
November 5 - Mira L. Siegelberg, University of Cambridge, “Statelessness: A Modern History”
November 19 - Anna Katharina Becker, Aarhus University, “Corpus rei publicae: The Early Modern State Embodied”
Fall 2019 
September 24, Agnieszka Sobocinska, Monash University, “Saving the World? Western volunteers and the rise of the Humanitarian-Development Complex” 
October 10, Brooke Blower, Boston University “Gibraltars of the Pacific: American Colonialism in Southeast Asia and the Road to Pearl Harbor
October 23, Arne Westad and Greg Grandin, Yale University, A conversation on “What Is International History?
November 7, Isaac Nakhimovsky, Yale University,  “The Russian Century That Wasn’t: Liberalism, the Holy Alliance, and the History of Global Order”
November 20, Or Rosenboim, University of London, “Political spaces: Empires and Nations in the History of International Thought 
December 3, Kris Manjapra , Tufts University,  “Racial Capitalism as Necrospeculation”
Fall 2018
October 3 - Faculty Panel Discussion on “Price of Aid: The Economic Cold War in India”, David Engerman, Yale University 
November 29 - Erez Manela, Harvard University, “International Society as Historical Subject”
Spring 2018: 
February 15 - Deborah Coen, Yale University “Climate and Empire: Habsburg History for teh Anthropocene”
March 1 - Samuel Moyn, Yale University “Global Intellectual History” with a response by Rohit De
March 8 - Jennifer Allen, Yale University “Nationa Commemoration in an Age of Transnationalism”
April 12 - Srinath Raghavan, King’s College, “Fierce Enigmas: The United States & South sia in the Long Twentieth Century”
April 19 - Gabriella Soto Laveaga, Harvard University, “Experimental Camps, Hybrid Seeds, and Contesting Histories: ‘Development’ before Development Aid in Mexico & India”
April 26 - Ben Kiernan, Yale University, “Viet Nam: A History of the Earliest Times to the Present”
Fall 2017 
October 5 - Yale Faculty Roundtable “Beyond Borders: New Directions in International History”
October 13 - Joanna Lewis, London School of Economics and Political Science “Death Iconicity and Emotion: (the journey) to Livingston, Africa and an Empire of Sentiment”
Nov 2nd - Laura Beers,  University of Birmingham “Ellen Wilkinson’s International Spiderweb”
Nov 9th - Micol Seigel, Indiana University, Bloomington “Violence Work: Reflections on Transnational Method in Studying the State” 
Spring 2016
February 9 - Jenifer Van Vleck, Yale University “Building the World: Construction and the Business of Global Modernization”
February 16 - David Armitage Harvard University “Three Narratives of Civil War: Recurrence, Remembrance, and Reform from Sulla to Syria”
March 8 - Marci Shore, Yale University, “The Lost Treasure of Revolution:The Maidan and the Return of Metaphysics in Eastern Europe”
March 29- Ed Rugemer, A Yale University
“The Slaveholders’ Revanché: Jamaica and South Carolina during the Era of the Haitian Revolution”
 April 5 - Jay Sexton,  Oxford University
“The Nineteenth Century U.S. Steam Empire”
 April 26 - Paul Kennedy, “The Creation of a New Book: ‘Grand Strategy and the Shifting Naval Power Balances, 1936- 1947’”