Welcome to Global and International History at Yale! For decades, the Department of History at Yale has been a pioneer for the study of Global and International History.  This rich tradition continues to thrive today. At Yale, we include many perspectives such as regional,  imperial transnational, global and comparative history under this rubric. These perspectives are united by a common desire to understand the global dimensions of historical problems and to work across histriographical and national boundaries. 

Since its inception, the International History Workshop has provided a forum for leading historians and researchers to present their work and to discuss topics and methodologies within Global and International History.

You will find this semester’s schedule under Workshop, along with hyperlinks to the reading for this semester’s events. These papers are all protected by the same password, which you can receive by emailing David Kerry (david.kerry@yale.edu) or Kyle Zarif (kyle.zarif@yale.edu). 

If you are outside of the History Department, please use this link to be placed on the workshop’s listserv and stay informed of future meetings!